Writing in Vermont in April

I spent two weeks in April at the Vermont Studio Center. For any writer or artist looking for a residency, I highly recommend VSC. It’s a paired-down existence — a spare studio (for writers) overlooking the Gihon River, a simple bedroom, a dining hall in the old mill. Perfect for writing. I also enjoyed the communal time — especially with the artists. The combination of talent and energy was impressive. I also appreciated VSC including visiting artists and writers. In the first half of April, the group included poet Laurie Sheck (a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1996) and visual artists Sharon Butler and Jorge Macchi.

Northern Vermont in April isn’t the prettiest. The river had just opened up and ran muddy and crowded with ice flows. There were piles of “snirt” (dirty snow) everywhere. The trails were a mix of ice and slush and mud. I don’t think there were any flowers out. The weather included rain and snow and lots of road-salt-swirling wind. But still, it was joy to be there and watch the world take a few tentative steps toward spring while all of the residents headed off to their studios each day.

Below is a photo of the Maverick Studios, where all the writers work…