Other Writing



Against the Current, How One School Struggled and Succeeded with At Risk Teens, Heinemann, New Hampshire, 1997.

The Inclusive School: A Selection of Writing on Diversity Issues in Independent Schools, NAIS, Washington, DC, 2012, Editor



Hiring and Retaining Teachers of Color: The How and Why of It, Second Edition, Association of Independent Schools of New England, 2015.

From Assimilation to Inclusion: How White Educators and Educators of Color Can Make Diversity Work, Association of Independent Schools of New England, 2009.

Thriving in Independent School, An AISNE Guide for Teachers of Color, Association of Independent Schools of New England, 2003.



For more than twenty years, I served as editor of Independent School, an award-wining quarterly magazine on precollegiate education. During that time, I wrote numerous articles from both Independent School and other publications. As an independent writer today, I share my time between writing poetry and nonfiction.


On the Teaching While White Blog

I serve as Senior Editor for Teaching While White, and occasionally write for the blog under my name. 


On Carney Sandoe’s Puzzle Blog

I do some writing and editing for Carney, Sandoe and Associates, a Boston-based firm that does teacher placement, school leadership searches, and education consulting. 


Independent School

In addition to an Editor’s Note in more than 80 issues, I wrote numerous articles and reviews, including:

  • Naming the Crisis” — Winter, 2017

  • Humility, Will, and Level 5 Leadership: An Interview with Jim Collins” — Spring 2015

  • Review of Far Away from the Tigers: A Year in the Classroom with Internationally Adopted Children, by Jane Katch — Summer 2011

  • Changing When Change Is Hard — An Interview with Dan Heath” — Winter 2011

  • “The Good Fight.” Review of Holding On to Good Ideas in a Time of Bad Ones: Six Literacy Principles Worth Fighting For, by Thomas Newkirk — Spring 2010

  • “The Essential Herb Kohl.” Review of The Herb Kohl Reader, by Herb Kohl — Winter 2010

  • “The Purposeful Child.” Review of “The Path to Purpose: Helping Our Children Find Their Calling in Life, by William Damon — Summer 2009

  • “Ah, the Teaching Life.” Review of Ms. Hempel Chronicles, by Sarah Shun-lein Bynum — Spring, 2009

  • The Curious Pursuit of Greatness — An Interview with Jim Collins” — Summer 2008

  • “Learning in a Culture of Change.” Review of The Self-Organizing School: Next-Generation Comprehensive School Reform, by Alan Bain — Winter 2008

  • “Round Square and the Evolution of Global Education.” Review of Ideas at Work: Education for World Stewardship in the Round Square Schools, by Peter Tacy — Spring 2007

  • Review of Mama’s Boy, Preacher’s Son, by Kevin Jennings — Fall 2006

  • “Sorting It Out: Independent School, 1972–1991” — Spring 2006

  • “A Mind at a Time: An Interview with Mel Levine” — Summer 2005

  • “LEEDing the Way: Taking Green Seriously at Punahou School” — Spring 2005

  • “There’s No Place Like Home,” Review of Family Matters, by Robert Evans — Summer 2004

  • “At the Heart of the Heart of the Matter: An Interview with Roland Barth” — Winter 2003

  • “New Trends in Curriculum: An Interview with Heidi Hayes Jacobs” — Fall 2001

  • “On Happiness and High Achievement: An Interview with Michael Thompson” — Spring 2001

  • “Cultivating Humanity in Schools: An Interview with Martha Nussbaum” — Spring 2000

  • “The People of Color Conference.” Article about the NAIS conference for educators of color in independent schools — Winter 1999

  • “Ink It!” Article on St. Ann’s School, Brooklyn, New York — Winter 1997

  • “Make It New.” Article on Brewster Academy, New Hampshire — Spring 1996

  • “The Heart of the Matter.” Article about the Moral Life of Schools project, Airlie, Virginia — Winter 1996

  • “Textbooks of Earth, Sea & Birdsong.” Article on The Maine Coast Semester Program, Wiscassett, Maine — Fall 1995

  • “Preserving the Understory.” Article on Catlin Gabel School’s outdoor education program, Portland, Oregon — Fall 1995

  • “Summer at Biosphere 2.” Short article about a student’s experience in Biosphere 2 — Fall 1995

  • “Elementary Instructions for a Complex World,” Article on the Center for Early Education, West Hollywood, California — Winter 1995


Other Publications

  • Do Not Discard: An Uncommon Educator Helps Those Least Likely to Succeed” — UNH Alumni magazine, January 2000

  • “Happier Planet,” Creative Living, Winter 2013

  • “How to Make Made to Stick Stick: What Do We Really Learn from Reading About Organizational Theory?” Creative Living, Winter 2010

  • “Back to the Woods: Reconnecting Kids with Nature,” Creative Living, Spring 2007