The Future of Education

In addition to doing some writing and editing for Teaching While White, I've been writing education-related blogs for Carney Sandoe & Associates, a job-placement firm in Boston that focuses on education. Below are a few links to pieces I've written with my byline.

The latest one — on the 2018 SxSW Edu Conference — is an exploration of the tensions I see in a conference that tries to cover all education bases, from public to private schools, from precollegiate to collegiate concerns, from nonprofit organizations to for-profit ed-tech companies and school management firms. It's a truly fascinating event. But it's also a bit troubling — for what it suggests about the future of education in this nation. Attending the conference and listening in on the various conversations has helped me clarify what I think matters most — essentially, well-funded locally run schools full of dedicated, well-trained, and fairly paid educators committed to education for personal growth and citizenship. But much of what I see evolving in the broader field suggests that there are some powerful forces — supported by current U.S. Secretary of Education — aiming to undo our core system of public education and turn it over to corporations. 

There's much that we can debate about American education. I hope, however, you'll agree that it's never good to earn profit on the backs of children.

I'd love to hear what you think.

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