On Education and Poetry

For more than 20 years, I gave much of my writing and editing energy to Independent School, an award-winning quarterly magazine on precollegiate education. When I first started back in the 1990s, I assumed I do this work for a few years, then move on. But I realized quickly that the field of education is one of our key cultural battlefields. So I dedicated as much energy as possible to supporting and promoting the best writers and thinkers on education, in both the public and private sectors.

Over the years, I produced more than 80 issues, working with more than 800 writers. It had been a great journey. But recently I decided to become an independent writer and editor. I'm still deeply involved in education, but I'm also giving myself more time to return to my roots as a creative writer — mostly poetry.

I imagine my use of this space will change over time, but for now I'm planning to use this blog to connect readers to my writing for other publications as well as to educational thinkers I admire — and hope will hold sway in conversations about the future of education. Of course, I'll also focus on poetry and the creative life. 

For now, I want to encourage readers to engage with another project I've been working with some talented educators on: Teaching While White — a website dedicated to helping white educators develop the cultural competencies to serve all students well. The site contains some excellent writing and engaging podcasts. And who can argue with its goal of creating well-functioning, inclusive school communities? Come join us.